Fibre Broadband. As it should be.

However you need to be connected; to suppliers, customers and new markets, we work with you and deliver it for you.

Package and plans

Just as your business needs are bespoke, so too are our packages. Whatever your broadband plans, pick a package that’s just right for you.

Elio Fibre

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up to 10Gbps Sym.

Get from 50Mbps and up to 10Gpbs with our Fibre Enterprise plan. Go you!

  • From 50 Mbps up to 10Gbps
  • Installation within 8 weeks

Support call answered in less than 20 seconds

Elio Instant Fibre

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up to 10Gbps Sym.

Sign up and you’ll be connected the very next day! We simply install a dedicated wireless link until your fibre is ready…and why not keep it for a truly resilient connection.

  • From 50 Mbps up to 10Gbps
  • Be connected the very next day!
  • Enterprise connectivity
  • Dedicated support
  • Hybrid Under & Over

Next day installation
Support call answered in less than 20 seconds
24/7/365 support

Elio Recommends

Elio Fibre Plus

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Symmetrical speeds up to 10Gbps

Why not have the benefits of fibre and wireless- together.

  • up to 10Gbps Sym.
  • The benefits of fibre and fixed wireless
  • Managed by our unique ElioEdge
  • P2P/ MPLS connectivity

Next day installation
Support call answered in less than 20 seconds
24/7/365 support

Control. Like no other.

With Elio, you’ll be in full control of high speed, high performance business broadband. So you can compete more effectively, grow faster globally.


Top speeds, high quality, all-important reliability and superior customer service: it’s broadband as it should be.



Bespoke solutions

However you need to be connected; to suppliers, customers and new markets, we work with you and deliver it for you.



Fastest set up

It’s official. We really can provide the fastest set-up. Within 24 hours of signing up you’ll be logging on, and the cherry on top? You’ll get the fastest speeds to boot. Up to 10Gbps.



Unrivalled Service

We don’t do call centres. You won’t be on hold for foreverrrrrrr. We have highly experienced engineers who will answer your call quickly, and sort your problem efficiently.


Job done.

A Network like no other.

Just superior-strength, superfast business broadband!


We have total control of the network. And that means we can offer our total commitment – to you.



A network entirely owned and operated by industry experts

As of 2023, Elio is the highest-capacity licensed backhaul network in Greater Dublin. And we’re rolling out our unique service all across Ireland.

It’s pureblood broadband

We offer Uncontended Services as well as Shared Services with Ireland’s lowest contention ratio of 4.1

Symmetrical Connection

Get upload speeds that equals download speed!

Agile Connectivity

Wherever you are, we’re right there with you. If you move premises, we’ll move with you.

Technology. Like no other.

We admit it. We’re tech geeks. And we’re proud of it. We’re utterly passionate about cutting edge technology; continuously applying upgrades to all areas of our network.

Get the latest, greatest tech.

Our network equipment has an average age of less than 12 months and peak usage rarely exceeds 10% capacity. So you can be sure you’re getting the very best tech available to help you take on the world.



Upgrades. Like no other.

We’re utterly passionate about cutting edge technology; continuously applying upgrades to all areas of our network.

Installed next day. Like no other.

What’s more, you don’t have to wait around for our business broadband. Well, we know that every second counts in business.

Decide you want it and it will be installed for you the very next day.


Our teams: your timeframes.

Frequently asked questions

Got a connectivity question?

See if you can find the answer here. If not, contact us and our experts will happily oblige.

What are the benefits of Fixed Wireless Internet for my business?

With more business operations depending upon cloud operations, business owners are finding that microwave fixed wireless internet meets their needs for increased bandwidth with improved reliability and performance.

A fixed wireless internet offering utilises microwave signals to connect a business’s premises to a wireless internet service providers point of presence (PoP) more commonly  known as a communication tower.  PoPs are responsible for supplying dedicated high-speed wireless internet access to a receiving dish a business’s premises. It’s a simple form of technology that is growing year on year in popularity across Ireland & the world.


If you think fibre optics is the gold standard in broadband technologies, think again. Microwave fixed wireless internet is quickly becoming more popular than fibre as businesses are learning about its advantages. In a competitive business landscape, speed and Internet quality are directly linked to productivity, which, in turn, contributes to organisational success. Since an increasing number of business operations happen in the cloud, increased bandwidth is necessary. Business owners are discovering that fixed wireless is a direct replacement or can be used in tandem with fibre optic based services as a managed failover solution.

Does it take long to install fixed wireless internet?

A wireless internet service provider can have you up and running within days. This is due to the fact that they already have a built out network in your area. Typically, all that needs to be installed is a radio at your building location which can then be configured to communicate with their nearest PoP. In comparison, having a leased line or new fibre equipment installed at your premises can be a time-consuming venture. Microwave connections can be installed within one to five days in comparison to the 12 weeks needed for fibre lines.

Is fixed wireless internet scalable & upgradeable?

Bandwidth speeds can be turned up or down based on the needs of your organization. Users can be added, removed or reshuffled with minimal impact on the cost or existing infrastructure. For this reason, fixed wireless is an excellent internet access option for businesses seeking a future-proof solution.

Is it true that fixed wireless internet has lower latency ?

More hops in cable, DSL & fibre networks lead to more processing latency and noise. A fibre network encompassing a city has to traverse more points than a microwave to arrive at the final point. The reduced number of hops in fixed wireless microwave networks lowers end-to-end latency. Even a gain of a couple of milliseconds can add up to a sizeable advantage for businesses and deliver a better internet experience with lower latency. For businesses using a VoIP phone system, a great advantage of using low latency microwave fixed wireless Internet connection is superior call quality in comparison to what is offered when using fibre optic networks.

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